• I have registered on the website, but I am unable to login.
    We take the security of our users very serious. Once we have received your registration we review it and only if we have verified your entry with our records your registration will be approved and activated. The Access to the World of Begabungs will be activated when we receive your payment

  • When I try to teleport between regions I get the message that the teleport timed out.
    Sometimes your viewer is unable to communicate correctly with the server due to sveral reasons. Usually it helps just to logout and log in again. If the problem still occurs please contact us via email or ticket.

  • After my avatar enters another sim he just keeps moving. I cannot even change direction.
    This is also a communication problem between the viewer and the server. Usually it helps to log out and login again. If the problem still occurs please contact us via email or ticket.

  • How do I know when classes are being held or other events planned?
    We will post events in the Forum and will also annouce them in the InWorld event calendar.

  • How can I get more inworld money?
    When you first sign up we will give you B$ 1000 (B$ is the inworld currncy Bgeabungs Dollar). If you need more you can build or create something inworld and sell it to the other students. From time to time we will also hold competitions or raffles where you can win something. There is no way to buy additional funds with real world money. 

  • The clothes my avatar is wearing are ugly. Where can I get better clothes?
    Well, you can either start creating new clothes or ask one of the other students if they created some clothes and are willing to sell them to you. We will regularly hold classes and workshops where we will show you how to create clothes.

  • The question I have is not on this list! What can I do?
    Well, you have several possibilities to get answers to your questions. My first tip would be to ask us directlyeither inworld or in the forums. Many questions are also answered in the internet. Simply use a search engine of your choice and search for it. If you include the keyword 'opensim' in your search you will find lots of information.

  • When I try to login the website suddenly tells me I  am a hacker! What happened?
    This happens when our security system detects something unusual that could be part of a hacking attack, eg. you enter your password incorrectly several times or try to login when your account is not active again. Access to the site is then blocked for some time. If that keeps happening, please contact us.

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