Every child is gifted and has the right to develop its gifts. That is our main credo. We believe that virtual worls like the World of Begabungs are an ideal environment for students to develop their gifts and to let their creativity flow. With the World of Begabungs we want to give students the possibility to do that in an easily accessible and secure virtual environment supported by a dedicated team of mentors. 

Among the skills that can be developed by using a virtual environment are

  • 3 Dimensional Perception and Building
    A virtual world using the opensim technology like ours gives children the possibility to build things in a three dimensional environment. By using a selection of basic shapes (prims = primitive objects) which can be manipulated through an easy to learn interface students learn three dimensional perception and thinking. 
  • graphical design
    Surfaces and clothing in the World of Begabungs can be textured either using one of the many textures provided or by creating them in graphic design program. This teaches students how to combine textures, colors and surface properties to give the item they are creating the look they wish.
  • Logical thinking and Programming
    Using an easy to learn scripting language things that have been built can be brought to life and made interactive. This develops logical thinking and teaches programming in a playful way.
  • Language Skills and Cultural Diversity
    The members of the World of Begabungs come from many countries around the world. A virtual world gives them the chance to meet without time consuming and expensive travel. Even though the general language of the World of Begabungs is english, the virtual environment makes it easy for the students to learn the language of their new friends and get to know them and their culture better.
  • Social skills
    The World of Begabungs is strongly community driven. While many things can be done alone working as a team can bring better results (and is more fun). This leads to the development of team skills, leadership skills and organizational skills.

These are just some skills. Virtual environments give the students the possibility to make their phantasies reality. Only the (virtual) sky is the limit!

In addition to giving students the possibility to let their creativity flow, we want to give teachers and schools a platform to enrich their lessons and curriculums. Many students are already familiar with virtual world in the form of World of Warcraft® or one of the many internet based team games. The step into a virtual world like our world is easy for them. Using these skills and the possibilities of the World of Begabungs allows teachers and educators to give their lessons a whole new dimension. Visualize mathematical problems, create models of molecules, cells, star systems, or machines makes lessons fun and challenging.

We want to help schools who may not have the technical possibilities or knowledge to host their own world adding a virtual world to their portfolio easy. We will work with them to give them their region with as much (or as little) support as is required.

See you inworld ;)

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