The World of Begabungs is a three dimensional world, where teens can let their creativity flow in a protected environment. They can create everything they can imagine using easy to use tools to build, give it a realistic look using textures, and finally bring it to live using an easy to learn scripting language. This can either be done alone or as part of a group.

The World of Begabungs also offers several themed areas inviting exploration, role playing, socializing, and other activities. To aid communication voice chat has been enabled usable via a headset connected to the computer. For discussions outside the world a forum is available.

For Kids

The World of Begabungs is open for children between the age of 10 and 16 from all over the world! Together with other children they can build, create and get to know about other countries. Since our main goal is the development of giftedness we ask that you fill out an application form before subscribing so we can get to know you and your child better.


For Teachers

The World of Begabungs is ideal for teachers or educators to use as a visualisation medium. Build scientific or historic models, reenact historic events, teach basic scripting concepts, or use the world for many other things in your lessons. Rates are based on the number of students, the length of the project, and the level of support required. Contact us for further information.


For Schools

If your school would like to have their own region in the World of Begabungs, we offer everything from connecting your self-hosted world to our grid to hosting and administrating the region for you! Depending on what you need and how much support you need from us rates differ. Please contact us for further information.

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